Centre height - 230 mm to 800 mm
Admit between centre - 1000 mm to 5000 mm


• AC Induction Motor for Main Spindle with VFD / AC Servo Spindle Motor
• Precision Ball Screws and AC Servo Drives and Motors for ‘X’ and ‘Z’ Axes
• Z Axis Bed Induction Hardened and Ground. Hardness 400 - 450 BHN
• Wide Base Heavy Duty Cast Iron Legs
• Higher Ratio of Bed Width to Centre Height

We build ALPHA Precision Horizontal Bed CNC Lathes at our Bangalore plant.

Over 17 years of selling and servicing of Horizontal Bed CNC lathes has given us a deep insight into the essential characteristics required in these machines foralpha effective, precision performance with long life. We have utilized the knowledge acquired over this period to not only build Robust Machines but also incorporate several user-friendly features enabling reduced fatigue for operator.

ALPHA Horizontal Bed CNC lathes are built to deliver high torque at low spindle speeds typically required for large metal removal and for large pitch Square / Acme thread cutting etc., while at the same time delivering precision as required of a CNC lathe. The un-paralleled flexibility offered by Alpha CNC lathes in work holding, tool holding etc., enables almost any kind of component to be turned with ease. Quick set-up times enable frequent changes of components so small batches or one-off components can be machined profitably.


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